Using Everstories®

1. The simplest way, as this software is integrated into Artslibri®.
You only have to design your photo book and then tick PLACE ORDER at the top. The application will send you to the website to finish configuring some aspects of your album.

   Using Adobe Photoshop®

1. Open the application, go to the top menu and select FILE > AUTOMATE > PDF PRESENTATION.

2. A window will open. Click on the EXPLORE button to select all the JPG spreads that you want to include in the PDF.

IMPORTANT: Sort the spreads before creating the PDF

After this choose: Save as > DOCUMENT WITH SEVERAL PAGES.

   Using SmartAlbums®

1. At the top-right corner, click on the Export button (represented by an arrow coming out of a box).

2. A window will open where you’ll have to select PDF, SRGB and tick the box EXPORT TO PRINT.

   Using Adobe InDesign®

1. Once you’ve finished editing, select from the top menu: MENU > FILE > EXPORT. Select ADOBE PDF (PRINT).

2. In the Options window, tick: ADOBE PDF VALUE: PDF/X-3:202 and in COMPATIBILITY: ACROBAT 5 (PDF 1.4)